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Parks and recreation programs and services are essential to the quality of life of every member of your community. We can help you achieve your goals.

Mark Young is a professional with 25 years’ experience in the field of parks, recreation, natural resources conservation, policy development and legislative advocacy. Mark has been recognized throughout his career for his public service. Mark’s diverse and extensive experience positions him to work with counties, municipalities, townships, special park districts and nonprofit conservation organizations to enhance delivery of programs and services to the public. His expertise includes open space planning and integrating parks, recreation and conservation into comprehensive master plans, grant applications and public policy development strategies.  Mark has 20 years experience educating and lobbying Congress and federal agencies for parks, recreation and conservation legislation, regulations and programs.

Mark was the 2002 Recipient of National Recreation and Park Association’s William Penn Mott Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management.

In  2011, he was inducted in the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration.

Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Marian University in Indianapolis, and later earned a Masters of Science in Recreation and Park Administration from Indiana University in Bloomington.

Click here to view Mark’s resume Parks Forever resume and vitae.

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